Learn about the EZ Digi Signs system

A little about the EZ Digi Signs system

EZ Digi Signs is the easy to use digital signage solution that can be connected to any size HD TV from a small check-out counter or bar top size to wall-filling units.

With EZ Digi Signs there is no need to learn complicated sign control or design software, that is all handled for you. All you need to do is attach the small EZ Digi Signs box to the back of your television/monitor or your LED sign controller and then connect it to your wifi. From there, the staff at EZ Digi Signs takes over by designing new video graphics as you need them and uploading them remotely.

Our designers work with you to make eye-catching custom graphics to present your message. Nothing is cookie cutter all graphics are designed to fit your taste and needs.

The low initial cost includes the EZ Digi Sign controller and a professional quality, custom video to present your message. The included presentation will consist of 5 ad panels with videos or other effects to tie them together. Run time will average 1.5-2 minutes and be on a continuous loop. Included is 1 month of changes or updates to make sure the presentation is just the way you like it. Neither the TV/monitor nor any TV stands or mounting equipment is included with the system. This allows our customers to choose the best size television and mounting system to fit their needs and budget.

After the initial cost there are no additional charges until you need the graphics updated or changed. These updates can be purchased à la carte where you only pay for what you need as you need them. To save money, monthly service contracts are also available if you know frequent changes will be needed.

The heart of a EZ Digi Signs system is the controller

The EZ Digi Control Box attaches discretely to the back of your TV.
Dimensions are 3.5×2.75×1.

EZ Digi Signs is owned and operated by JMayes Enterprises, located in Sevierville, TN. 

For years JMayes Enterprises has been looking for and offering solutions to fill their customer’s needs. Their flagship offering, Sports Bar TV Systems, has been helping bars, restaurants and other venues by giving them the ability to control their audio/video systems from one easy to use touch screen.

For information on Sports Bar TV Systems visit: sportsbar-tv.com

For more information on the rest of the Jmayes Enterprises family of businesses visit: Jmayesenterprises.com


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