Answers to some frequently asked questions.

No, the standard configuration does not. Once videos are uploaded to the controller a connection is not needed again until updates to the video presentation are required. However, if you sign up for our pro service and need frequent updates to your graphics then a consistent wifi connection is required in order to make the updates on time.

Yes, you can show the same presentation on as many controllers as you want. The awesome thing is if you want to do this you can get the additional controllers at a discounted price.

Yes, although making updates to your sign is much quicker by using an internet connection, they can still be made using other options. Your sign does not need to be connected to wifi constantly in order to work.

No, with the base system all you need to do is connect the controller to your wifi. Once it is connected to your wifi or ethernet network, the staff at EZ Digi Signs takes care of the rest.

We have found our digital sign system will fit in most people’s budget. The initial price includes the controller which hooks to your TV and a quality video presentation which can run as long as you want it to for no additional cost. Then by making presentation updates à la carte or with a subscription, you decide when or if you spend any more money on the display.

No, your installed video will play whether you are currently in a contract or not. You can even get updates to your presentation by just paying for them as needed but if frequent updates are required, a service contract may be your best route.

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