For as many different types of business as there are, there are as many uses or purposes for digital signage

Just some of the ways a digital sign or poster can be utilized

  • RETAIL: Promote your latest sales or newest products
  • MUSEUMS AND AMUSEMENTS: Informational displays and exhibits
  • RESTAURANT:¬†Menu boards with photos and announcements of your daily special and latest menu additions
  • ATTRACTIONS: Promote upcoming special events
  • CONVENTION FACILITY: Welcome to attendees, display schedules and promote upcoming events
  • BARS: Happy Hour offerings and new additions to the drink list
  • SPAS: Promote your gift cards and upscale spa services
  • AUTO DEALERSHIP: Highlight the latest models and incentives for the vehicles on your lot
  • CLUB or ORGANIZATION: Upcoming events and schedules
  • BREAK ROOMS: Important information your employees need to know
  • LOBBYS: Welcome guests and point them in the right direction or supply them with information.
  • SCHOOLS: Information and announcements for your students and faculty

These are just a few of the many ways a EZ Digi Sign can be utilized to display your important messages.
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